Detoxing with flavored water!

IMG 2482 400x224 Clean Eating Challenge: 5 Best Detox Fruit Waters (Day 16)


Do you know a simple way to detox and cleanse your body without starving yourself or doing something to an extreme? Well, a new trend that has been on the rise is detox water. I have seen many different types of detox waters on the Dr. Oz website and on Pinterest. But this is the first time I have seen detox water using fruits. Yum!

On there is a blog called “Clean Eating Challenge:5 Best Detox Fruit Waters (Day 16)

They show a few different types of fruit detox drinks, Cucumber Crush, Strawberry Kiwi, Watermelon Mint and Berry Blast. They all look and sound delicious. If you are not a fan about drinking just plain water and want to to do something healthy for your body, these are the drinks for you.

By adding these fruits to your water overnight and letting them soak in ads great flavor to the water. Not to mention they all are healthy for you and help release all those bad toxins out of your body.

I recommend to everyone to go to this website and look at these great ways for detoxing. They give you the ingredients and tell you exactly how each drink is good for your body.


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